I am Pooja. I was born in Sirsi (a small yet beautiful town in the Western Ghat region in Karnataka) and was brought up in Bangalore. Currently, I reside in Oceanside, California with my husband, Abhay and daughter, Anvi.

Back in Bangalore, having completed my masters in Biochemistry, I worked as a Scientific Analyst in an Insilico Discovery based company. Currently, I am a full time blogger.

“Being Pooja! (previously called Thoughtless Ramifications…)”  was started around 4 years ago as a personal blog on blogspot. Most of the posts that are published here are my own life’s anecdotes. You can also find that I have a page called “Being Silly”, a comic page that I have on Facebook, where I make husband-wife cartoons using Bitstrips.

I also do book and product reviews. You can contact me for reviews using the “Contact Me” page. I promise to revert back as soon as I can. But, please keep in mind that my reviews are going to be “my own opinions” and hence, honest.

Thanks for dropping by. I look forward to continue the journey I started 6 years ago and I hope you will tread along with me in this journey. 🙂


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